Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am a  British and Chilean trans-disciplinary creative practitioner, action researcher and author. I am based in London and Leeds.


I trained with Yat Malgrem, a student of Rudolf Laban, specialising in a technique known as Laban-Carpenter Movement Psychology. I also hold an MA in Research (Royal Holloway) and a PhD in Cultural Studies (Goldsmiths College). I am the author of various books including "Theatres of the Surd" (2010); "Motion and Representation" (MIT 2015), "Digital Movement" (Palgrave 2015), and "Matter and Transmission" (Bloomsbury 2018).

I have applied my expertise in Movement Psychology mainly within experimental movement practice and digital performance, conflict research and environmental practices with indigenous communities. I am the founder of Forest Guardians, a charity that works to support indigenous and local forest guardians in many parts of the world. I also regularly present the radio series River Dialogues on Resonance FM (104.4).


ArtWORKS (Selected)

2020    A World for the Maguzawa, video on Nigerian animism in Kano State.

2019    Phragma (immersive sound performance) a sonic biography of the River Acheloos in Greece (in progress)

2018    They are Listening (video performance) presented at Aldeia Kariri Xoco and Museu de Arte Moderna,

            Salvador, Brazil.

2018   Bone to Stone (film performance) presented at Digital Echoes, Coventry.

2017   Train (digital dance) presented at Insigneo Lab, Sheffield. Choreographed by Nicolas Salazar Sutil.

2017   Safety Valves, Speaking Walls (graffiti poems and psychogeography) commissioned by Michael Cacoyannis

            Foundation, Athens.

2016  Softdriver (digital dance in simulator) choreographed by Nicolas Salazar Sutil, presented at Leeds Driving

           Simulator/ Virtuocity.

2013  Reach (web-based multimedia performance) presented at Ivy Arts Centre, Guildford .Created by Nicolas

           Salazar Sutil, Matthew Sansom + Chris Kilding.

2013  Structured Light (3D videodance). Choreography by Nicolas Salazar Sutil 

2012  Flatland (Digital dance-theatre) Presented at Ivy Arts Centre, and Centro GAM, Santiago. Directed and

           choreographed by Nicolas Salazar Sutil

2012  Solid Sense (dance), presented at Ivy Arts Centre, Guildford. Choreographed by Nicolas Salazar Sutil

2012  Mindbeat Quintet: Offending the Audience (electronic theatre and music) Presented at Ivy Arts Centre,

           Guildford. Devised by Nicolas Salazar Sutil and Matthew Sansom (based on Peter Handke's text)

2012  Labanimations (videodance), devised by Nicolas Salazar Sutil. Video by Sebastian Melo. Choreography by

           Melina Scialom

2012  Crystalline Movement (photodance), devised and performed by Nicolas Salazar Sutil. Photos: Sebastian Melo

2010  I am not I / Ordinal 4 (dance-theatre) directed by Nicolas Salazar Sutil, devised by Brian Rotman, presented

           at Tate Modern

2011  Binary Flesh Digital (dance solo), choreographed by Nicolas Salazar Sutil with installation artwork by Juley

           Hudson, performed at Brunel University 2011  A Dead Line (theatre) written and directed by Nicolas Salazar

            Sutil. Performed at Clifftown Theatre, Southend, UK

2005  Tauromachy (theatre), play written and directed by Nicolas Salazar Sutil. Performed at Chequers Mead

           Theatre, East Grinstead.

2001  Rondo Adafina (theatre) devised play performed at Teatro Teresa Carreño, Caracas. Dirección: Erwin Ermini

          & Pamela Howard. Text and performance by Nicolas Salazar Sutil

1995  Alas (theatre) devised and performed by Nicolas Salazar Sutil, performed at Fundacion Cultural ICHN,

          Santiago (Chile). Winner Festival de Teatro ICHN, Santiago de Chile.


2018 Art residency, Arte Electronica Indigena, Aldeia Kariri-Xoco, NGO Thydewa.

2017 Art residency at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens (Contested Cities Project).

2011 Art Research Fellowship (2011) MILES Project, EPSRC fund. Project title: Bridging the Gaps. 

2011 Artistic Research Fellowship (2011) Department of Dance, Theatre and Film Studies, University of Surrey. 

2011 Research Assistant (2011) Department of Dance/ Laban Archive, National Research Centre for Dance,

          University of Surrey. Project: Laban’s Drawing/ Drawing on Laban: Visualisation and Dance. 

2011 Research Assistant (2011) Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths College. Project title: Materializing Number

          Through Measure: Sensing, Knowing and Participating. PI Celia Lury. Funded by Intel.

2009-2011 Research Assistant. Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths College. Project: A Topological Approach to

           Cultural Dynamics. PI Celia Lury. Funded by the Sixth Framework of the European Union.

2009-2010 Research Assistant. Department of Mathematics, London School of Economics. Project title: Cultural

           Topologies. PI Mihail Zervos. Funded by the Sixth Framework of the European Union.​

1998  Art residency Instituto Puerta del Rebano, Concepcion, Chile


  • MILES (Mathematics and Models in Life and Social Sciences) award for most original funded project, University of

        Surrey 2013

  • IX Festival de Teatro Instituto Chileno Norteamericano ‘Búsqueda Creativa’ award for ‘Alas’ by Arthur Kopit,

        Instituto Chileno Norteamericano, November, 1994.

  • Beca de Excelencia Académica 1994 (Academic Scholarship) Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile, May 1994.


2019                 Fellow of Higher Education Academy (HEA)

2017-2021       Board of Media Matters, Amsterdam University Press

2011-2014       Director, Performance Studies international (PSi)

2013-2014       Member of ILLUME, Faculty Centre for Creativity Research, University of Surrey

2007-2008       Member of the Society for Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas (MESEA)

2003-2004       Member of American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA)


  • Treemoot: Forest Guardianships and Earth Justice, international webinar, November 2019.

  • Corporeal Computing. Conference sponsored by Institute of Advanced Studies, MILES and School of Arts,

       University of Surrey. Ivy Arts Centre, September, 2013.

  • Multidimensionality: an interdisciplinary colloquium. Seed Pod, University of Surrey. May 29th, 2012.

  • Plastic methods: a seminar on interdisciplinary methodologies with Professor Celia Lury and Matt Spencer.

        PATS Studio, University of Surrey. May 8th, 2012.

  • CONTACT: communication technologies and the spatiality of encounter. Event sponsored by PSi, to be held at

        Centro GAM, Santiago, April 26-28, 2012.

  • Platonic Theatres: Mathematics, Memory, Performance, panel organised for Performance Studies international

       PSi17 conference Camillo 2.0, University of Utrecht, May 2011.

  • Walking Borders Berlin, with Rustom Bharucha, Interarts, Freie Universitat, Berlin, August 2009.















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