I have little idea as to what my creative work is about. Questions, mostly:


Where does the line between different artistic disciplines lie? Where does the line between art and life get drawn?

Who says that lines actually exist?


Where is the difference between human and animal, between white and black and blue? Who says they are different?


What shall I wish for? How shall I embrace this present? Who says I cannot be content and joyful as things are?

Who benefits from all this? What is the deepest of ethics? How do I learn to share and yield in love?


Do the questions end?

Born in Buenos Aires, I am a curious trans-disciplinary artist, researcher and author. 


I trained in Movement Psychology at the Drama Centre London. I also hold an MA in Research (Royal Holloway) and a PhD in Cultural Studies (Goldsmiths College).

I am the author of various books including Theatres of the Surd (2010); Motion and Representation (MIT 2015), Digital Movement (Palgrave 2015), and Matter.Transmission (Bloomsbury 2018).