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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in London, Nicolas Salazar Sutil is a transdisciplinary creative and artistic practitioner, author, broadcaster, human rights advocate, activist, community builder and forest guardian. Nic trained as an actor at the Universidad de Chile and at the Drama Centre London, then as an action researcher at Royal Holloway, before obtaining a PhD in Media Studies at Goldsmiths College.

For the past 10 years, Nic has been helping protect and raise awareness of the Great North Wood, the nearest ancestral forest to any capital city centre in Europe. Nic is the lead guardian at the Tree Rescue Hub, a one hectare plot where he and his team of volunteers rescue trees, keep a seed bank, facilitate community workshops, grow native trees and nurture a food forest.


Nic is the Founder and Director of Guardians Worldwide CIC, based in the Borough of Southwark in London. Guardians Worldwide is a group of minority and indigenous community leaders from over 20 nations worldwide working for the protection of ancestral forests. GWW carries out advocacy, reforestation, policy related consultancy and online education and training.


Nic is also Editor of Minority Rights Group, where he works advancing the rights of minorities and indigenous people around the world. He recently edited Focus on Water, a report on the impact the water crisis is having on indigenous people and minority groups worldwide, presented at the United Nations Water Conference 2023.


Until recently Senior Consultant for The Tenure Facility, an NGO devoted to advancing land tenure for indigenous people in nine countries across the Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia. He was also Associate Professor in Transformational Practices at the University of Leeds, where he specialised on climate, water and political conflict resolution in the Lake Chad as well as indigenous resistance in Northeastern Brazil.

Nic has produced numerous creative works including several theatre plays, installations, short films, radio broadcasts, musical works, choreography and fiction, which form an intrinsic part of his work as an environmental and human rights campaigner.

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