Born in Buenos Aires, I am a British and Chilean artist, researcher and author. I do not endorse any single discipline.


Transdisciplinary work is my chosen path to understanding the nonhuman in me. I have an interest in mediating a space and a time that lies between human and nonhuman nature. The material and energetic relation between bone and stone. The human in the humus. The veins on a leaf, which are also on my hand. There is a space in between, a movement or ecology, which is the focus of most of my creative explorations and reflections. 

I trained at the Drama Centre London, where I learned Laban technique and Movement Psychology. I also hold a PhD in Philosophy (Goldsmiths College).

I am the author of various books including Theatres of the Surd (2010); Motion and Representation: the Language of Human Movement (MIT 2015), Digital Movement (Palgrave 2015), and Matter.Transmission: Mediation in a Paleocyber Age (Bloomsbury 2018).


I am based in London and Leeds.